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This is about the game of chess, the royal game. You can see what is possible in the menu on the right. A further menu will then open for some of the points from which you can then choose. Below you will find links where you can comment on the site. And if things don't work at all, you can of course also contact the site operator by email. You can find the address in the imprint. And if you want to read something about this site, you will find it in the blog.
The site is aimed at all chess players, including those who are just starting out. You will find small exercises in which chess beginners can, for example, practice moving the pieces. For advanced players there are chess problems to solve. If you want to expand your chess knowledge, you will find a very large opening overview or various texts on the subject of chess. And of course you can also play chess here. Everyone is of course invited to enjoy the wonderful game that has fascinated humanity for a long time.

Starting position in chess